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Africa Building Partners is an EPC contractor with experience building in Ghana and Ivory Coast. We have a long successful track record of building hospitals, residential dwellings, offices and affordable housing in record time, within the quality and budget expected by our clients. Our unique approach to developing projects with and for our clients takes into consideration our tropical climate, resources available, materials adequacy, and local skill to yield the best results.

Creating Value for our Clients

At ABP, we approach every project by putting ourselves in our clients perspective, understanding their requirements, their constraints, and the usage of the buildings and services.

We use our extensive experience in west africa to look for the technologies that combine quality, speed of construction, durability and cost that adapts to the client's objectives.

We select materials and suppliers that we know will deliver the best value within the target budget, that will be easily installed and maintained over time. We have a long list of reliable suppliers both locally and internationally.

Our broad experience allows us to advise on all aspects of the project, including architecture, engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, renewables, .... We have the right experience in house or within our partners that will ensure the appropriate execution of the project.


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